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shipping dangerous goods What is HazCaptain®?

HazCaptain® is hazardous compatibility software that provides dangerous material loading guides and other hazardous shipping and storage resources via the web.

shipping dangerous goods What Can HazCaptain® Do for You?

  • Determine hazardous materials compatibility and alert you to incompatible goods
  • View data by UN number or chemical name
  • View EMS schedules & MFAG information
  • Check the compatibility of an unlimited number of hazardous materials (or UN numbers) at once
  • Reference North American Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Reference the Stowage and Segregation Guide to IMDG Code
shipping hazardous goods Read more about the features of HazCaptain®
shipping hazardous goods Download the HazCaptain®
hazardous compatibility brochure
  Current and Updated with IMDG Amendment 35 and HM215K

HazCaptain® & Process

" HazCaptain® has made a long process much shorter. It is easier and faster than working with the manuals, or calling cargo services in the port for assistance. "

-- Shirley Congden
Pacific Alaska Forwarders

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